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Farming Equipment Hiring

MAA Agro Services looks forward to start a tractor and farm equipment rental business that would harness the power of technology and a strong franchisee network to make farm mechanization easily accessible, affordable and reachable to every Indian farmer.

This tractor and farm equipment rental business aims to raise the level of mechanization in Indian farming.

The truth of the matter is, not every farmer can afford his own tractor. Small farmers ask for tractors from the few who own them, leading to uncertainty, compromise on quality of tractors or equipment, and often, disappointment. Small landholdings and poor economic condition of farmers have resulted in minimum use of agriculture equipment.

Indian farmers are either not aware of new type of machines or cannot afford to buy such machines. Because of these factors, agricultural productivity has remained low and farmers have lower incomes. That's where MAA Agro Services comes into the picture.

Now, whenever farmers need a tractor or any farm equipment, they can simply call MAA Agro Services, and place their order. They will receive a well-maintained tractor along with a professional driver with utmost ease. Not only can they get their work done in a stress-free manner, with consistent use of mechanisation, their productivity increases too. We look forward to harness the growing reach of technology create a potent business opportunities and in the process, bringing mechanised farming within the reach of every farmer in India!