Welcome Now open in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack. Opening shortly across Odisha. REACH US AT 0674-2975239 / 6370952424


We take pride in our ability to collaborate with planning , development and construction of all our projects, from START TO FINISH.

Our Assurance is to achieve our clients whishes in a timely and cost-effective manner , while still maintaing our high level of quality workmanship


  1. Our Services Include:
  • Designing of Houses 
  • Making plans and layout 
  • Plan Approvals 
  • Construction of core houses 
  • Finishing of core houses 
  • Labour Supply 
  • Water Boring 
  • Carpentry Work 
  • Plumbing Work 
  • Electricity work 
  • Colouring & Painting work 
  • Interior Designing


  1. Our Rate Charts:
  • Core house (up to pinth) including labour ,materials ,Boring and Out House(400 Per Sq.ft) 
  • Core house-Ground floor to 3rd floor(750 per sq.ft) 
  • Plan & Approval(2 % Cost of finished House+BDA Fee’s) 
  • Finishing Cost as per client’ Requirement varying from Rs500 to Rs 1000 per sq ft. 
  • Only boring (Approx ):-11 lakh